Surdak intends to look through the shelf books only to find that the words written on the side of the book belong to ancient goblins. Of course, he can’t understand them at all. Of course, he didn’t know that it was too Heicks era or that goblins had a history. Samira and Andrew, the former grew up in an orphanage and the latter was born in an aboriginal family in Maca. Their education is quite limited, so no one can say clearly what kind of goblins are.

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The wooden ladder next to the frame is also equipped with guide rollers. These frames are nearly four or five meters high. You can push this wooden ladder wherever you want to take it. This wooden ladder is painted with a thick layer of oil paint. Surdak put his hand over it and found that the wood in the paint has become fibrotic, just like cotton wool wrapped in color.
Surdak felt that if he made a little more effort, maybe the ladder would collapse immediately before his eyes.
Aphrodite, the succubus, sat at the long table after introducing the map here. She looked a little silly and sat there awkwardly until she was in a good mood before solemnly saying to Surdak, "Thank you for saving me."
A girl’s delicate white face is like a ripe red apple.
Grimm’s imperial language has a strange accent. Her voice is very special. Although it sounds hoarse, it makes people feel comfortable, like it is magnetic.
She wore a tight leather coat and outlined a somewhat exaggerated and perfect figure. She was covered with dust when she just climbed the gutter. She looked a little embarrassed, especially after a pair of wings on her back were cut off, there were still two slightly raised scars. The wound blood had scabbed, but it seems that Aphrodite still endured the pain there and she still didn’t completely get rid of the imbalance after losing her wings. She still stumbled when she walked.
She wants to see the back, but unfortunately, even though she is very soft, she still can’t see it.
Surdak handed a roll of hemostatic bandage to Aphrodite, who didn’t stretch out his hand and took it, and looked at him doubtfully.
"You just saved our place, too. We’re even," Surdak said, and then he said to the succubus, "Well, Aphrodite, can I ask you something about this place?"
Samira took the roll of hemostatic bandage and asked Aphrodite if she would help.
Probably knowing that losing her wings has become an irreversible fact, Aphrodite shook her head at Samira.
Then she seemed to understand something and turned a little pale.
She looked at Surdak and said, "You are not gilmour knights, and you are not here to save him. You haven’t asked him about it yet, and you don’t care if he lives or dies!"
Aphrodite stared at Surdak’s eyes very seriously.
Surdak held out his hand and said, "We are a Bena army reconnaissance team. It is an accident to be here, but I am willing to save them from prison if conditions permit."
Aphrodite seemed to want to find the real answer from Surdak’s eyes and said to Surdak, "He said he is Baron gilmour, and you belong to a noble family. If someone knows that he is here, they will try to save him."
Surdak tried his best to appear sincere. Although he had never even heard the name Baron gilmour, he still said, "Of course, compared with ordinary people, all aristocratic positions are very noble."
Aphrodite said, "If you need someone to lead you, I can help you. I know where he is. We just need to sneak over and get him out of there. There are some hellhounds guarding him."
Surdak looked at Aphrodite and asked, "What is willing to help us? Shouldn’t demons and humans be sworn enemies? "
Aphrodite shook her shoulders again and saw that she was a little uncomfortable. Samira went behind her and wanted a bandage to wrap her wings. A succubus felt Samira’s kindness and gratitude.
Then I answered Surdak’s question, "The great demon lords and the angels in the high-order temple are sworn enemies, and this time … we are invaders. Although this is not out of my intention, it is true in real time. I want to see the sunshine, beaches, sea breeze and grasslands in this world. I don’t want to lie on the beach and bask in the sun. I hope that the inferno can share a certain plane with his race. I also know that my idea is naive …"
Surdak, this young girl may be a different kind of succubus. After all, succubus and succubus will be very different, just like there are some magical heresies in the Green Empire. They don’t want to meet the darkness all the time …
Surdak asked her curiously, "Who did you learn Greenlandic from?"
Aphrodite replied, "Special Envoy Jesse houseman here, he has the highest words, and he has very strong power."
Speaking of the special envoy, Aphrodite was so terrified that she even spoke in a low voice.
Surdak asked her, "Is he a succubus? Or one or three hellhounds? Or is it a demon? "
Aphrodite shook her head and said, "None of this is true. We don’t know his identity, but I guess he may be a human wizard with inferno blood."
When I heard Aphrodite say this, Surdak realized that someone had hit the hell passage, and that person now seems likely to be the special envoy, so he tried to ask, "Is the special envoy the black wizard who opened the hell passage?" He’s here? By the way, where is the demon door? "
When Surdak thought of the battle squad, he didn’t expect it to be able to find out about the passage of hell this time.
Aphrodite thought for a moment before saying, "The passage of hell is not here. It should be far away from here. We came here from darkness for a long time before we came out. I’m not sure where it is. We are here to find some magical materials of the Heicks era and to find ways to crack the plane law and strengthen the passage of hell, but we have not made any progress yet."
Andrew was a little excited and waved his axe and said, "We can ask the location of the hell passage from the black wizard without catching him."
Aphrodite looked at Surdak’s squad, but the three men shook their heads slightly and said, "He arranged a lot of guards around him. We succubus clan entered this plane, and the strongest two of all members never left his side. In addition, there were four or three hellhound leaders who took turns to guard his side. Once the law caught him for the first time, I’m afraid we would be surrounded by a large group of hellhounds."
Surdak touched Ba and said, "I think we may be a little weak, maybe we need some partners … Aphrodite, how can we go to save our partners?"
Aphrodite didn’t expect the members of Surdak’s team to change their minds so quickly. Just now they were not interested in rescuing their companions, but now they can’t wait to take action. But she thought about it and said, "Come with me" when she came to this library.
With Surdak team, a group of people got into the culvert again, and there were almost no ghost monkeys in the culvert.
Due to the large-scale search for vicious dogs in the ruins of Hellfire City, there are fewer vicious dogs guarding the Colosseum. There are several sturdy round-pointed iron cages on the east side of the Colosseum. These cages are surrounded by magic circles. Prisoners are squatting in the cages, and the faint magic halo on the ground flashes from time to time.
A few giant hellhounds wandered around the cage and looked at it as if they wanted the prisoners in the cage to make a slight change, and they would rush into the cage and tear these humans to pieces.
There are six cages in which Aphrodite, the succubus, is detained. Now the remaining five cages are almost full of prisoners, but there are not many people in one cage. These prisoners add up to less than 50 people. The prisoners’ armor, weapons and coats have been stripped. Many knights have been injured, and there are some businessmen and nobles who look depressed and shrink into a ball and tremble at the coming fate.
They dare not touch the iron bars of this cage, which are covered with sharp spines. It is possible for the center of the cage not to be stabbed to the edge. Even if the prisoner twists his body, he may be injured by the iron thorns, so everyone can get together and huddle together.
This will not only avoid being stabbed by thorns, but also avoid being bitten by those vicious helldogs patrolling outside the cage.
As soon as a giant hellhound turned the Colosseum Cloister, he saw a big axe cut right against his face. If it didn’t dodge, its skull was smashed by the big axe, and the body collapsed, but it was rushed out from the corner. Surdak held it for the first time and let the giant hellhound lean against the wall.
Samir Lala’s bow shoots two arrows and will guard the door. Two ordinary hellhounds have shot Suldak’s squad so easily that they rushed to the second cage. When Suldak waved his craftsman’s sword and slammed the iron gate bolt in the cage, it should fall to the ground.
Surdak kicked the iron gate of the cage, put half his body into the cage, and the craftsman’s sword cut off the vines that bound a knight.
The knight regained his freedom and immediately untied his companion. The knight’s spirit was a little weak and he didn’t look very good, but he still asked Surdak, "Which team are you?"
Surdak replied, "Hailanza Guard Battalion."
As he spoke, he kept out the vicious dog that jumped on the cage.
The knight seriously thought for a moment that Benayoun didn’t really have this designation in his memory, and then he found out that the other side was actually a local army and asked, "How many troops did the legion come this time?"
Surdak looked back at the knight at the door of the cage with a slight Zheng and smiled at him and said, "Everyone is in front of you."
The so-called everyone besides himself has to block the entrance to the east stall, and Andrew, the Nanai warrior, stands on the second floor while avoiding the biting of the vicious hell dogs around him and constantly shooting arrows Samira here.
This is the hellhound in the Colosseum. The department has gathered here, and there are hellhounds howling everywhere, like calling hellhounds from other areas. It’s like a pot in the Colosseum for a while.
Surdak threw the craftsman’s sword in his hand to the knight, and drew a red crescent from his waist. Two people at the door of the cage helped the prisoners in the cage to get out of trouble. These prisoners who struggled for life rushed out of the cage regardless of their own injuries and rushed to hell one after another to fight with the dogs.
The knight, with the craftsman’s sword in his hand, did not dare to hurry to the second cage without delay. He wanted to cut the iron gate bolt like Surdak, but he made the effort to cut it three times in a row, making his arm numb before cutting the iron gate bolt. He looked at his hand and felt that maybe he was not at his peak.
By this time, Surdak had already stepped out of the fourth door to meet the prisoners inside, and this cage was full of nobles and businessmen. They were probably tortured a lot, and everyone came out of the cage with injuries. They were afraid to face the vicious dogs who came to hell and hid behind Surdak.
At this moment, Aphrodite, the succubus, staggered over from Andrew’s side. She ran to Surdak’s side and hugged a pale aristocratic arm. She asked him excitedly, "gilmour, it’s so good that you are still alive. I also said that those guys have already eaten you …"
The noble’s eye socket collapsed and his face was bruised. When he saw Aphrodite, the succubus, he was slightly stunned.
Several aristocrats behind them looked amazed and disbelieved when they saw the bending angle in Aphrodite’s hair, and stared at the aristocrat named gilmour.
"gilmour, what are you doing? Do you still want to have an affair with the inferno …"
"…" Baron gilmour was scared almost to death.
He looked around with help. Surdak was wearing a bloody shirt and broke away from Aphrodite. He quickly ran to Surdak and pointed to Aphrodite and shouted, "Grab her knight! She is not human, she is a succubus. I don’t have a disgusting sinister succubus with her. I am an imperial baron. How can I have a succubus with an inferno … "