Fortunately, the basement was built with thick stone slabs. As soon as the Yin soldiers nailed into the stone wall, their heavy armor got stuck, and the Yin soldiers struggled desperately and got stuck.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿会所 Fortunately, the basement was built with thick stone slabs. As soon as the Yin soldiers nailed into the stone wall, their heavy armor got stuck, and the Yin soldiers struggled desperately and got stuck.

"two dog, look at that broken head again!" Wind redfish face changed greatly.
"Smelly dried fish Yin soldiers rely on ghosts to raise can meet beheaded what’s strange? This is also called? Can you calm down? "
"King egg, you are so strong that you can blow away the Yin troops. I have nothing but locking my soul. How can you calm me down?"
"Smelly dried fish, look behind you!"
After saying his word, he screamed like a red fish killing a pig.
"Dead dog, these two goods are so big that wearing armor is gold. Who is the ghost? Where are you? Stamp it quickly! " Wind redfish savagely hid behind two dog with a headlight according to two mobile shining golden Yin soldiers.
The two golden guards are huge, more than two meters high, and the floor shakes three times every step.
"The two goods dressed exactly the same is certainly not a ghost? You can’t have two ghosts if you don’t have two tigers in one mountain? " Pi two dog wit way
"Then don’t stamp it and find the ghost!"
"You pay attention to the two big mountain guns behind me!" Say skin two dog shout at top of voice leap to fly to half a fist out three thousand jins to sweep the instantaneous flying shining golden giant head.
Bang bang!
The severed limbs of two golden giants were embedded in the hard stone wall, and the severed limbs were piled up with granite stones. Once embedded, the severed limbs were stuck, and the golden giants could no longer pick them up.
In this way, Pi Er Gou and Feng Hong Yu beheaded all the way and successively decomposed the seven golden giants and embedded them in the stone wall.
Finally, they came to the altar in the basement, lit a long candle, and there was a red coffin on the surface. The coffin was actually made of sandalwood, and the red paint was very huge, and all kinds of bizarre patterns were painted, which made people feel awe.
"two dog ghost should hide in the coffin! Right? "
"It’s definitely in the coffin," said Pi two dog, who took out the initiation of God’s clouds and said that meowing a microphone can kill ghosts or not.
"Then what shall I do?" Wind redfish can only open such a heavy coffin if it has Hercules skin two dog. She can stare.
"You notice that if there are still Yin soldiers around, you will lock the soul symbol!"
Said the skin two dog stretched out his hand and pushed the coffin plate to the ground. He just wanted to see it. Suddenly, he sat up from the coffin and sat up with a huge armored corpse. His eyes were shining green.
Pi two dog froze, and the ghost will fly!
A grabbed the skin two dog throat!
Wind red fish scared to shout "two dog gods Xiao Yin! What about your seal? " As she spoke, she stretched out her hand to pull the ghost, ate the ghost in her leg, and pushed it away to turn over several somersaults.
Pi two dog’s throat was choked and he could hardly breathe. He wanted to break the ghost’s bone claws, but he didn’t expect the ghost to make the bone claws as indestructible as steel claws.
It’s getting more and more difficult for him to breathe. He’s holding the seal of God in his hand and trying to reach the ghost’s forehead. I never thought that the ghost would actually cut off his head, so it’s not long enough.
What’s even more bizarre is that the severed head was aimed at his head and suddenly Pi two dog stumbled and sat down on the ground.
The wind redfish was horrified and offered three or four bsqyzs soul symbols one after another, and also threw out a lock soul rope. I didn’t expect this lock soul rope ghost to be like tickling and breaking before.
"two dog, you can’t pour ah call it up! What should I do if you fall? " Wind redfish was so scared that she burst into tears and shook Pi two dog with her forward force.
Seeing the blood gurgling down the temple, the red fish was frightened and said, Amitabha, God bless me, I’m only twenty years old. I’m not married yet. I don’t want to die!
Suddenly, a thick arm and a pinch of the wind red fish neck!
Pi two dog finally slow lead spirit to thrust the ghost into the cliff with one punch, and saw that the half body bared its teeth and struggled to break free again.
"two dog, look at the head flying over!"
"Can’t let it pick up!" Passing 18-wheeler, Pi two dog counted several ghosting ghosts to fly up and kick his head away before docking his head with his body.
The two holes in the head kept flashing green light and hit the rock wall, but they could fly back and drive Pi two dog to knock him unconscious.
Ghost will head too fast Pi two dog was hit by it, and this guy flew out with no defense!
Hit the wall and fell to the ground so hard that he grinned.
"two dog, help!"
Pi two dog took a look at the headlights in the past. The ghost actually drove the head out. The wind red fish was scared. The wind red fish had no place to hide and kept shuttling back and forth. This girl was quite clever. A ghost flashed left and right and hit her head one after another. Because of the speed, she suddenly hit the stone wall.
Knock against the wall
Suddenly, the horrible head aimed at the wind redfish and saw that this girl was going to suffer. Just then, a tall figure flashed like a robot, which was the first time. Then Pi two dog reached out and poked the seal of God Xiao in his hand, which hit the head, and the white silver light on his forehead swayed. The ghost trembled violently. The ghost was absorbed by God Xiao Yin, and the strong spirit was absorbed. It fell to the ground and died!
To prevent the ghost from butting the trunk with the head, this guy pedaled to the ghost’s front trunk, and the Beidi fire bell seal sucked up all the residual gas in the trunk!
"two dog, you king egg didn’t stamp it earlier. I almost confessed this life here, you know?" Wind redfish concerned complained
"Three dead if it weren’t for me you would be dead, you know? What are you still doing? I’ve destroyed the ghost, and now it’s your turn to work! " Pi two dog shouted
The wind redfish is going to die. She is constantly offering soul-locking symbols and soul-locking ropes to tie the Yin soldiers to death.
The ghost will be destroyed. two dog is to release the female ghost Xiaohong. Xiaohong is happy like a child flying here and there in the New Year, constantly swallowing the residual yin.
Xiaohong, a late female ghost, became more and more powerful.
Pi two dog offered seven heavenly seals to feed them one by one, and his heavenly seal mana was greatly increased again!
This scary ghost villa was breached by Pi two dog, and his wooden palace led a dozen witches to enter the arena to lock the soul of the wind and red fish, and the skeleton of the Yin soldiers carried the truck one by one and pulled it to the cave of Da Nai Mountain for protection.
Finally, 120 skeletons of Yin soldiers were counted.
Two dog also rescued two dying young women.
At three o’clock in the morning, Pi two dog made a phone call to Niu Pipi to win. "Niu Boss Villa Yin Bing Department destroyed you and now sent a excavator to push down the villa!"
"ah? Haha, are the Yin soldiers finished? Ok, great! "
In a short while, a motorcade sped from the direction of the city.
Niu skinned himself and commanded him to call five diggers, who started the diggers at the same time to level the villa!
Seeing all the peaceful things, two dog returned to the couch hotel with two dying women.
See Ding Baoyi at the door of the building and wait for him to meet her with a big smile. "two dog, you are a great hero. Congratulations on your triumphant return!" I saw Ding Baoyi happy as a miser and saw Jinshan Yinshan.
"Ding Jie, your Daxing Village project can be completed as scheduled!"
"two dog, this is all thanks to you! If it weren’t for your old cow, you would have to pay for it! " Ding Baoyi followed the door way