Everyone nodded again and again. This monkey poison blew up the reservoir and the desalination plant. No, we fought for half a month, and the islanders died of thirst!

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿夜网 Everyone nodded again and again. This monkey poison blew up the reservoir and the desalination plant. No, we fought for half a month, and the islanders died of thirst!

I continue to add, "According to our agents’ information, there are no more than 6,000 Japanese troops on Ishigaki Island, with more than 30 Type 9 main battle tanks and 100 armored vehicles, and a certain number of self-propelled artillery. There are also seven gunboats patrolling the offshore waters, which is a quite powerful military force, but among them, there are many beaten troops fleeing from Japan, and their morale is low. The most important thing is that their organizational system is very complicated, with regular troops, militia, police and civilian volunteers enlisted in the fire line. It is estimated that their platoon leaders can’t name the soldiers in the platoon, which gives
A warm cheer suddenly broke out in the engine room and drowned my voice. Shaolin Batman put his arms around small Guangxi and shook and laughed. "Submarine! There is a submarine! That king egg in Takeda didn’t lie to us. His head is saved! " Small Guangxi was dazzled by stars and giggled. It looked like he was suffering from infantile dementia. He must be ecstatic because-
The second satellite flying over Okinawa sent back the latest pictures. We saw that a submarine with a length of more than 100 meters in Ishigaki Port was slowly emerging from the sea. The slender hull structure of this submarine was impressive. If it were not for the military blindness, it would be the famous Akichichi-class conventional power submarine. I am afraid it was the last submarine of the Japanese Navy. It miraculously escaped the disastrous decisive battle in the East China Sea, escaped the devastating attack of the Republic Army and the Second Artillery Corps, and miraculously crossed the Admiralty and placed an anti-submarine array in Okinawa waters. Ishigaki Island was lucky to catch up with the famous Snow Wind in World War II! However, now it’s lucky. Through high-definition pictures, we can see that the submarine’s bow is damaged and deformed, as if it had been bitten by a dog. I’m afraid it’s the submarine peak. Grandma Gao Qiao’s gang of king eggs really went to Ishigaki Island. Best of all, the only submarine crashed. If we want to blow up their airport, it will be difficult for Lao Wang to fly! Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump!
Thirty or so special forces in the engine room stared at the lovely submarine, and the green light came out as if a group of people had found a fat pig and a hungry wolf …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Polaris sea platform
In the past, at least 200 fighter planes were parked on the sea platform. Now, there is a J-10 squadron, two flying wolf fighter-bomber squadrons, four thunder supersonic long-range bombers, a sentinel early warning aircraft and some helicopters. There is no way to be cold and cheerless. Although the Japanese army can’t, the war is still spreading. Liu Zhe has to limit his limited strength. More than half of the fighter squadrons originally belonging to Polaris Sea Platform have been deployed to the four major islands in the soil, leaving it to Polaris Platform for such a little pity. Let them keep an eye on the Sulphur Islands. If Ishigaki Island hadn’t been brought here until now, and there is still a considerable military force on the island, I am afraid that even the only squadron left is the J-10 squadron.
A fixed-wing anti-submarine aircraft patrols the sea to detect the elephant, combing the huge comb repeatedly in this sea area. Earlier, an autumn-class submarine passed through their anti-submarine array unnoticed and quietly appeared in Ishigaki Port, which angered the Okinawa Garrison Command. Major General Liu Yunrui was furious and trained several confidant generals to be bloody. "Do you think you can relax after the battle?" If you really need to relax the old horse so much, you will be given a lifelong unpaid holiday. "Such malicious words have come to the whole Okinawa garrison, like a lion being whipped. They have repeatedly assured Liu Zhe that the whole Okinawa archipelago is a ghost gate, and a fish can’t pass without their nod. A submarine slipped past before it was finished. This slap in the face is too cruel! Well, that submarine was unlucky enough to hit the undersea mountain range, which was badly damaged, and finally had to surface and escape to Ishigaki Port. If it really made it pass through the Okinawa Islands quietly and fled abroad, where would their faces go? Fuck, damn it, Japanese pigs don’t hit people in the face. You don’t understand such a simple truth? Feeling humiliated, the Okinawa garrison anti-submarine force rushed out and vowed to teach those dead Japanese pigs how to behave!
Unfortunately, no matter how hard they searched, they couldn’t find this submarine left in Japan. Even if they turned the whole bottom of the sea over, they wouldn’t want to find a second one. Major General Liu Yunrui made two yuan-class submarines mine the channel of Ishigaki Port. He concluded that this submarine was left in Japan, and this submarine would not be in danger. There must be a big fish on the other side of Okinawa. He said nothing but he was not afraid of 10 thousand. He ordered the anti-submarine department out of caution. It is not an easy task for the team to strengthen the anti-potential and search the surrounding waters several times, but it will not be a shame if another submarine slips past their defense line, for fear that the entire Okinawa garrison general will have to go home to stew mushrooms! All anti-submarine planes should fly and hunt submarines, and no one should be lazy.
This patrol of a six-kilometer high school is a p3 fixed-wing anti-submarine aircraft fighting Okinawa. Lin Junxiong, a young man from Taipei, enjoys a comfortable working environment with that advanced instrument. He can’t help but sigh that the p3 advanced Taiwan military equipment "Blue Fish" is far behind it. "Blue Fish" is often that you dive, I fly, and I often wander around the wing of the submarine. It doesn’t know anything about it until Japan wakes up that another mainland submarine has crossed the Taiwan Province Strait. Don’t let an experienced anti-submarine junior officer do it. My dream is to say goodbye to the "blue and white fish" who often blinks. Now p3 has finally got his wish. The only regret is that the Japanese submarine has been wiped out by the mainland submarine forces. He can drive such an advanced anti-submarine aircraft around the Okinawa sea again and again, and it is expensive to fly gasoline.
What could be more tragic than changing into a more advanced anti-submarine plane but the enemy has no submarine? Lieutenant Kobayashi is so depressed that his eyes are on fire. You fucking like military exploits on the Continental Army? We want the military, too. We’re crazy about it! Why is it so difficult to make a military achievement?
In the sulking communication channel, the dispatching officer of the Sentinel Early Warning Aircraft always reminds him of the synthetic sound "Swordfish Swordfish, a transport plane on your route coincides, please leave that route and collide!"
Coincided with a transport plane?
Lin Junxiong asked, "Can you drop the altitude by 2,500 and 300 per hour?"
The dispatcher said, "If you can’t come, please leave the current route!"
Lin Junxiong doesn’t know what kind of unit it is. It’s so awesome that he wants another plane to make way for it! Just want to ask a appearing hard urgent sound through the communication channel crashed into his eardrum "flash! Flash! My engine is about to catch fire! " Frightened him, he shivered and flashed a huge shadow. This p3 passed by and stirred up the airflow, so that p3′ s fuselage nearly bumped! Lin Junxiong finally stabilized the fuselage and stared at the back of the transport plane. He blurted out, "Fuck your mother!" Because he suddenly saw that the transport plane that almost knocked him into it was an old-fashioned luck! If you are Yunshi, I’m willing to give way to you. After many improvements, Yunshi has become an excellent transport plane and exported to more than 20 countries. But your achievements are there.
Little did the Yun-wu know that someone was greeting his mother behind him, and he rushed to the Polaris platform in a more horizontal posture than a crab crossing the street! Everyone, whether on the sea or in the sea, is stupid. They can see that the engine of Yunwu is emitting black smoke. Obviously, the oil has run out and the engine is about to explode. How dare you kiss so hard? Does your mother know? Everyone was worried that Yun Wu landed the most violently when the landing platform touched the offshore platform. At that moment, everyone felt that the whole offshore platform was shaking, and the impact force was visible. The pilot also slowed down in the most violent way. The high-speed friction of the brake tires made people feel sour, similar to that of ten thousand people. At the same time, the tires of the plane were braked and exploded in less than three seconds, and several wheels were driven by powerful potential energy to continue to rush forward to the offshore platform. Well, where is the spark? The soldiers on the spectacular offshore platform secretly called for help. Don’t knock the bridge off!
Fortunately, everyone’s eyelids were pounding, and this crazy Yun Wu finally stopped. At this time, it was less than 10 meters away from the bridge. In the bridge, the staff officers first burst into horror, and then they rushed out with anger, not only grim-faced, but also rolled up their sleeves and vowed to give some color to this unit. Let them know what flowers are so red! A major staff officer roared, "Whose plane is this? Get out of here! "
The plane engine is still puffing out black smoke. It’s not scrapped, is it? Bursts of oil fart in the hatch made an arrogant sound and rushed out from the inside, shaking the eardrum of the staff. "Fuck, which idiot let the offshore platform move back 60 kilometers?" Almost killed the old man! Let that bastard roll over here and I promise not to kill him! "
It’s not only those young and energetic staff officers, but also the ground crew of the offshore platform guards who are angry. Your mother, you rushed in rashly and made the whole platform fly like a dog, and almost hit our bridge. We haven’t even settled the account with you yet, and the wicked complained first! ? When dozens of people rolled up their sleeves and had rich experience in group warfare, the Marines even grabbed wrenches and steel pipes for group warfare, and did not discount all three legs of the crew. Write their names backwards! The platform near the sea is a national heavyweight. We won’t dispute with you because your rough landing at home has caused so much wear and tear on the runway. We almost hit the bridge. I can’t bear this. Let’s talk about it before the Major General hits you first! Many good people’s eyes are bright and they are going to fight. There is a lot of fun to watch!
Fighting is a common thing in the army. When recruits first join the army, veterans will be caring and attentive to them. They are better than their younger brothers, which often makes the recruits’ eggs extremely grateful. But a company of veterans look at them in a strange way, just like a wolf is looking at his prey. The strange eyes make the recruits’ eggs numb and ask, Why do you look at us like this? The veteran replied, "Why do you look at you like this? You can fight! " It’s really not a joke that recruits even veterans celebrate the New Year. Veterans often teach disobedience and slow response. Recruits can’t read maps? Can you learn difficult tactics? Can’t calculate coordinates? Don’t beat him up a few times. Brothers often fight. If troops of different arms meet, there will be no fighting. The most typical example is that the field army and the armed police almost meet and have to fight. In the eyes of the field army, those playboys are chasing girls everywhere and refuse to take charge of the armed police. In the eyes of the armed police, they have been dealing with guns in training camps for many years. The field army is full of smelly and hard stones. What is there to say if they look at each other and are not pleasing to the eye? Copy the guy! The same is true. The navy and the army have their own characteristics. To sum up, "the army and the navy are a group of hooligans."The army likes to be reasonable, and can not fight as much as possible. The army also likes to be reasonable, but they all talk about the navy after beating the other side. Unless they don’t fight, once they fight, they will all be in a group, that is, many people will bully others. When they encounter several challenges, they must be careful because there are definitely thousands of troops lurking behind them, waiting for the opportunity to rub you round and flatten you. The crew of this transport plane dares to go to the rogue’s nest to find fault, but they can’t find any words to sum up their heroic deeds!
People inside don’t know that they have already made public anger. A large group of people are waiting to shake their rice, swearing all the way, jumping from the inside to a destination. This guy is preparing to beat the navy. The younger brothers are all blindsided and take a step back. They are screaming in their hearts, "Fuck this … This is too exaggerated! ?”
It’s a bit exaggerated. This guy is 1.9 meters tall, wearing a newly developed kevlar bulletproof helmet, a padded kevlar bulletproof vest and elbow pads. He is dressed like a robot. Even if this guy doesn’t move, let them punch and kick until their fists bleed. Will this guy frown? The most frightening thing is his weapon. It’s a helicopter with six rotating heavy machine guns! Look at the six dark muzzle, and then look at the thumb-gun bullet. He carries four boxes with a weight of 600 rounds, and no matter how impulsive he is, he will learn to make a decision before you think twice!
This is a Tyrannosaurus Rex wearing a bulletproof vest …
The most frightening thing is that there are more than one monster, followed by another soldier who is also wearing a thick kevlar bulletproof vest and carrying six rotating heavy machine guns. This is a female soldier with a graceful figure of nearly one meter and seven heads. Even wearing a bulletproof vest can’t cover her chest. That pleasing curve is even more frightening. The third one jumps with a 14.5 mm caliber anti-equipment sniper rifle. This sniper rifle alone is enough to say that this person has an extraordinary history. Generally, snipers are not qualified to own such advanced sniper rifles, but the most dizzying thing is the rifle boss in the hands of those guys behind. Have you ever seen a 12.7 mm caliber automatic rifle? I’m sure you haven’t seen it? Now they have seen more than one!
This is a special force armed to the teeth!
When we see the rank of captain of this small unit clearly, everyone will go crazy. Commanding this small unit with 20 or 30 people turned out to be a senior colonel! And this support is enough to make up three classes, and the small army actually stuffed four lieutenant colonel! Senior colonel as platoon leader and lieutenant colonel as squad leader. Oh, my God, which army is this? It’s terrible. The Zhongnanhai Guard is not so scary! ? Many people sweat on their foreheads at the thought that they were going to have a fight with this small army just now …
Small Guangxi eyed the hundred people and said doubtfully, "Although my identity is outstanding, you don’t have to rush to welcome me, do you?" When did I become so popular? "
Harlem chuckle "welcome what? They are going to use wrenches and steel pipes to welcome us to a team battle with us! " "Team battle?"
As soon as Shaolin Xiaobing heard this word, his eyes became bright and excited when he saw the chicken and weasel, rubbing his palms and laughing. "Team fighting is good. I like team fighting best!"
What do you like best?
But we don’t like it!
I was about to hit a naval soldier. I despised this guy in my heart and quietly threw away the weapon in my hand. What international joke? You are a 12.7 mm automatic rifle and a six-barrel rotating heavy machine gun. Let us fight with you with a steel pipe wrench. This is an insult to the IQ of naval soldiers! The staff officer who shouted the most fiercely tried his best to squeeze out the brightest smile. "What a joke! We are comrades, comrades-in-arms and a member of the million-strong army of the Republic. We have always been United and friendly. How can we do such a hurtful thing? Right?"
There are naval officers and men nodding their heads in the place, which is even more tidy than the ceremonial soldiers at the National Day military parade. They all laugh affectionately, but secretly grind their teeth. If you don’t have weapons in your hands, you will know how United and friendly we are!
Small Guangxi puzzled and said, "Mao, I just saw a lot of people holding wrenches and steel pipes in their hands." Am I dazzled? "
Without blinking an eye, the staff officer said, "You are not dazzled. We have many people with wrenches, but don’t get me wrong. This is because we saw that your plane was smoking black smoke all the way and it seems to be out of order. We are going to rush to repair it, right?"
"yes! ! !”
The navy soldiers shouted at the guys who had not come yet and threw away the sharp weapons in their hands. They ran around in a decent way, still spewing black smoke, and they didn’t know whether they were going to dismantle the plane or really help with the maintenance.
To transport five Shaolin Batman immediately fire emit three zhangs stare at the eloquence of the staff shouted "to say? We managed to control the fuel and the flight route all the way here. The fuel in several fuel tanks was just enough to fly to the offshore platform. Who knows that we didn’t know that the offshore platform moved back 60 kilometers when we got to the farm, so we almost fell into the sea. Do you know? Who the fuck gave the order? Let him out and I promise not to chop him to death! "
Navy soldiers are sweating. Your special forces are awesome, but not awesome enough to dictate the deployment plan of offshore platforms, right? Really when you are the chief of staff? However, the naval staff officers who saw that the May 1st Ship was about to explode at any time also knew that this temporary change and deployment had made the gang look much higher than the top special forces. The eloquent staff officer explained that "not long ago, a Japanese submarine crossed our anti-submarine array unnoticed and appeared in Shiyuan Port. Major General Liu Yunrui was furious and worried that the offshore platform would be moved back because of the attack of the Japanese submarine …"
Small Guangxi said, "Move back my ass. The best way to face a mad dog is not to give in, but to kill it with a stick. Otherwise, even if you retreat to the North Pole, it will still chase after you and bite you! As I said, if you send a ship to blow up Shijie Port, everything will be solved. Is it necessary to retreat? "
The staff officer said excitedly, "We think so, too! Ishigaki island will be brought sooner or later! This naval force is preparing for the first time, so that we can send bombs to plow Ishigaki Island and teach the island bonobo how to be a man! "