Tina frowned slightly when she saw this.


So when several medics were fighting stretchers,
It’s a little too big.
"Feed! You guys be careful! It’s okay to drop me. Don’t drop the little god of food for me! "
Tina covered her forehead completely when she heard this.
She can’t figure it out, although Lu Yuan’s cooking is really delicious.
But how can these guys take a bite and die?
Take a good rest in the doctor’s room when you are hurt like this.
Don’t run out with your injured body.
Increase your workload for nothing.
You know, at the beginning, her clinic was not so close to Luyuan canteen.
It’s because there are too many people like this mummy warrior.
As a result, the clinic had to move to this location.
Is to arrest these guys who want to eat and die.
Liu Yuan in the canteen took a look at all the dishes and left a lot of food.
You know, he always cooks according to the appetite of 500 people.
But there are so many people who should be here, but they are not here.
Liu Yuannai sighed at the thought of this.
"I hope there are not so many days left …"
Chapter 222 City Broken
Wait until all the soldiers’ meals are over
Lu Yuan and Tam began to sort out the meals in the canteen.
Just when Liu Yuan was in the middle of packing.
Several figures appeared in the dining room.
Lu Yuan didn’t even look up and said with a smile, "Catherine, senior Andrew, are you here?"
It is Catherine Andrei and Ogilvy who appear here.
Look at them. It’s not the first time to do this.
Two meters high, Andre smiled and sat at a table.
The lion-like head grinned and said, "Liu Yuan, hurry up and prepare something for us. We are starving after a day of fighting."
Liu Yuan nodded to Tam next to him.
Tam immediately ran to the kitchen and came out with several plates of food.
Look at that. It’s all ready before Lu Yuan.
Show is know Andre several people will come over.
The three of them looked at the delicious food in Tam’s hand, and their eyes suddenly flashed.
Even a pair of desire, Catherine
At the moment, the expression of looking at that dish of food is also fluctuating.
Can make her show such an expression.
It can be seen how attractive Luyuan cuisine is to her.
Wait until after the meal table Andre several people immediately gobbled up.
"Sister Catherine, you can try this."
Catherine looked up and found Liu Yuan appeared beside her when she didn’t know.
And Liu Yuan is holding a plate of fried meat in his hand.
Catherine shook her head and refused, "Thank you, Liu Xuedi, but we elves … don’t eat meat."
Lu Yuan revealed a mysterious smile.
"Sister Catherine, this is mushrooms without meat."
Hearing this, Catherine suddenly became interested.
She never thought that Liu Yuan was lying to herself.
Because it really doesn’t make any sense.
So Catherine stretched out chopsticks and directly picked up the’ meat’ in front of her.
Catherine’s eyes lit up as soon as she entered.
Because she can feel that there is really no meat in this dish.
Feel that taste I’ve never felt before.
Catherine’s hands would never stop, and a small plate of fried meat was destroyed by Catherine.
That pleasant appearance is also the goodwill of Lu Yuan’s unified method.
Otherwise, he will surely see the words "Favor+1" popping up on Catherine’s head.
While eating, Lu Yuan asked curiously, "How long do you think this hunting season will last?"
Andre, a Bi Meng alien, ate and replied, "Well, according to previous years, it should last for another month."
"The hunting season usually lasts from October to the end of November, and the later the fighting will be more intense."
"I have participated in this hunting season for the second time this year. Last year, platinum pets appeared in the fierce beast tide behind."
"Platinum level? !”