Of course, at this time, he was able to have such a mood because he was completely relaxed, so he could make a little redundant thinking in these aspects and then put it aside

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿夜网 Of course, at this time, he was able to have such a mood because he was completely relaxed, so he could make a little redundant thinking in these aspects and then put it aside

The Liu family will probably send someone to collect the body soon, but the delay has already arranged these other things. What he has to do at this time is also very simple, and it is not really dead … He will continue to fight against mosquitoes.
Yeah, why are there such annoying things as mosquitoes?
Crack, crack, crack …
Conversations are also going on in a house in the opposite direction from the government prison.
"I’ve learned a lot about Liu Yufan these days. He seems to be a talent … but his life is not very good. He died when he was a child. It would be very difficult for Dad if he didn’t have an uncle to take care of orphans and widows."
Over there, Linghu Chu finished talking and Xu Xuan nodded. "It will be better after all … by the way, what else must we do when we stroke aside?"
"Of course, there are many things that must be done …" Linghu Chu took the glass and looked tired and lazy. "The Liu old man is not a simple person … our hands and feet are fast here, but some clues can’t be concealed. There may already know that Liu Yufan is not really dead."
Huang Yusheng, who was behind in his voice, hurriedly said, "Is that so good? Aren’t these layouts messed up? Isn’t your Royal Guards doing very well … How can you leak the news? "
Linghu Chu saw his one eye, stared at the past, and immediately shut up over there. I am still afraid of Linghu Chu Huang Yusheng.
"Ignore him" Xu Xuan stretched out his hand and patted Huang Yusheng on the shoulder. "He’s just a paper tiger looking down a peg or two. It’s nothing … You see he’s going to get his knife again …" Xu Xuan also ignored the fact that Linghu Chu was going to be angry over there and shouted at Huang Yusheng. "Liu … Well, the old man was actually herding sheep. Liu Yuhang and others did something before. He didn’t show it this time, even though he knew that Liu Yufan was faking his death."
Huang Yusheng heard the words leng leng, then frowned and thought it was like white. "White is similar to my family’s situation."
Xu Xuan smiled and nodded. "It is precisely because of this that it is convenient for these people to make a decision on some things … The bottom line of his family face may be much lower. I think the old man was not a simple person in those days …" He shook his head here. "But this time he even lost."
After Xu Xuan finished speaking, he thought about it before he looked at Ling Huchu and said, "It is reasonable to say that Liu Yufan didn’t gain fame for what he had done before, so knowing that there should be few people is the only way you can find out who leaked the news to Liu Yuhang?"
"You are not very severe? There are more sources than the Royal Guards … Why not check it yourself? " Linghuchu pie pie
"Well ….. ah, there are some things to search for news slowly. Now I have been able to do it, but I have to probe into one thing in a targeted way. But if I continue to do it …" Xu Xuan said that there was a confident smile "sooner or later"
Linghu Chu’s side listened and didn’t say anything sarcastically this time. The information network and news channels of human rickshaws have made him feel that there is no adult management system in the past few days, but Xu Xuan has also prepared these things.
If it can develop smoothly, it’s really hard to say which step it can take … But on the other hand, Linghu Chu is also vaguely worried that such a channel can be mastered by Xu Xuan. If it is not exposed, it may make him a target once it is exposed.
But obviously Xu Xuan has thought about these things, although he didn’t say anything … But even if he didn’t realize it, Linghu Chu wanted to get something from him.
He thought so in his heart and then said, "It is said that a man named Liu Jing used to be Liu Yufan …"
Xu Xuan there listened to a faint smile "want to come is him", he said, patting his forehead "so it’s great to do it with me … but you can’t ignore it."
"Do you know?" Linghu Chu picked his eyebrows over there.
"Acquaintance" Xu Xuan said, pulling up Huang Yusheng and commanding a few words. Huang Yusheng nodded and pushed the door and went out.
Xu Xuanwang looked at Linghu Chu for a moment in the environment where they were left, and then said, "There are some things that I don’t want to hide from you. In addition to pulling carts by manpower, I have some preparations for him."
"Well, I brought some people to come over and my eyes should be able to …"
Linghu Chu frowned and thought for a moment and said, "In this case, it is good not to kill anyone …"
"Don’t worry, if people die like this, it certainly means nothing.
At the same time, some people in a wing in Hangzhou were talking, and the bright moonlight made the whole sky bright. Some trees around the wing swayed in the moonlight, and some words came from the house.
"Really dead? How is it possible … We haven’t done anything yet! "
"Shh … are you afraid that others don’t know?"
After a short conversation, the voice once again said, "Old three, I know the situation is not good … but I got the exact news after I went to prison earlier."
"Big Brother, what about Liu Yufan’s things?" It is Liu Yuzhou who speaks.
His voice fell behind, and the third person in the room spoke a little immature, with a little sob in his voice, as if he had cried before. "What time is it, third brother? You are still thinking about those things … second brother is dead, and he was killed by us!"
Liu Yuji voice behind Liu Yuzhou slant head saw his one eye, the eyes with a somewhat cold, then mercilessly slap Liu Yuji left cheek this palm without mercy was originally a chair Liu Yuji "ah" to call once while falling down and burying his face in his eyes became a bit dull.
"worthless thing!"
Liu Yuzhou scolded 1 over there and aside Liu Yuhang seemed to turn a blind eye to this scene until Liu Yuji got up slowly over there before he slowly said
"This time we are passive … but there are still some things we have to do."
Chapter 49 Lift the card (2)
Hangzhou is a famous city with a long history. Since the Tang Dynasty, the prosperity here has never stopped. Of course, it will temporarily decline due to war, but when the new dynasty establishes social stability, the prosperity here will soon come back. Although there is no special plan, the slow development of history has also made all kinds of combinations in this city tend to be reasonable and prosperous. Commercial streets, rich people’s residential areas, civilian areas are still poor people’s shacks … All of them have formed a certain concentration. Although there are occasional unreasonable places, most of them have their own duties to give the city a reason to continue to develop.
There is also a house in Liu Jing, which was previously managed by Liu Jiaer. He has an independent residence and the pattern is not small. Although his status as Liu is not high, since Liu doesn’t mind these things and he is not short of money, he can still buy a mansion. Be careful not to overstep the rules and no one will take care of it.
Liu Jing hasn’t been doing very well recently.
To tell the truth, there was no one else except Liu Yufan. Liu Yufan’s father Liu Zuming died very early, so there was nothing worthy of praise in the second house for a long time. If Liu Zuyu, the official of the capital, had not attended to it, he would have declined until Liu Yufan grew up and showed his talent in scientific research, which made the second house return to people’s sight.
It is precisely because of this that the competition in Fannie and Freddie is not fierce. It may be difficult for him to get ahead if he has the ability to spare a few rooms in Liu Jing, but it is not difficult for Fannie and Freddie to achieve a certain status. He used to be opportunistic, but when Fannie and Freddie did things, he found that he really found a treasure. What Liu Yufan did outside the scientific research really made him feel surprised and surprised.
At that time, there were not many talented people around Liu Yufan. Liu Jing counted his arms as full-fledged. Later, Liu Yufan grew up in a cold environment, and he paid more attention to the classification of emotions. Even though Liu Jing could not keep up with Liu Yufan in many aspects, he still didn’t mean to drive people away.
Many people in this world just don’t know when Liu Jing is like this. Liu Yufan is afraid of Thaksin. Sometimes he forgets his identity. Although he is also surnamed Liu, he is far from the Liu family. It is precisely because of this mentality that he made out of line things because of his dissatisfaction in his heart.
There was nothing wrong with the original, but this time Liu Yufan didn’t show mercy again. After coming back from there, he unloaded all the benefits in the original care of Liu Yufan’s business. After all, Liu Jing’s benefits in recent years have also been suddenly gone, and no one has accepted them.
Liu Jingren was so dissatisfied that he realized that he was nothing in the past, but after these years of affluent life, he built the foundation of Liu Yufan. At this time, after shaking his head over there, he suddenly became one. There was no source of money behind him, and there was no Liu Fannie and Freddie to support the original business. Those contacts could not be finished at this time.
This gap makes other methods accept, and the reaction in his heart is that resentment is filled with resentment. Does he remember whether Liu’s second and second houses are good or not? He thinks that he has contributed to Liu Yufan. At this time, the other party’s practice is to do everything possible to hide a cunning rabbit and cook it.
Hate to gnash his teeth, some revenge actions were made later, but he also knew that Liu Yufan had secretly accumulated strength over the years, and his hands were relatively clean. It was not easy to really find out each other’s problems.
Therefore, the best way is to plant a plant, but it may not be easy to plant a person. If the other party’s means and strength far exceed their own, then they can easily turn over and finally have the idea that "the enemy is the friend" in their minds. He tipped off some news he knew to Liu Yuhang, and Liu Yuhang and others had a long-standing contradiction with Liu Yufan, and unlike the second house, he had some industries in several rooms, and they then worked hard at home, but this was not comparable to Liu Yufan’s.
Liu Jing tipped them off and directly became the last straw to crush the camel, making them determined to completely turn over their faces with Liu Yufan.
Then there was a series of complicated luck, and everything was arranged. Even Liu Jing, an insider, couldn’t see the problem.
On that day, when Liu Yufan was taken away, he witnessed that Liu Yufan was in his own courtyard when the government came to take someone-after all, considering the influence, it was impossible to really go to Liu’s house to take someone-Liu Yufan took a partial look at himself and then left the ground. At that time, his eyes were really forgotten, but his hatred for Liu Yufan did not decrease. On the contrary, he felt very relieved and very avenged.
Revenge …
Liu Yuhang has already promised benefits. It is optional for him to enter several rooms, but he didn’t hear about Liu Yufan’s death after a few days of calm. At that time, he was really stunned for a long time.
In his eyes, Liu Yufan is a capable person who did it himself and also retaliated. This kind of revenge is just to give the other party a setback and make him realize the consequences of offending himself. If he talks about death, he will not consider it.
That night, he sat at home and his mood was erratic.
Why did someone die? Why did you die?