Lin Xiao was so busy that he was sweating, but his heart was proud. How many immortals did he have after hundreds of thousands of years? Now it is a red river star, the red river continent, and he easily gets thousands of immortals! It will take a thousand years to teach a little immortal cultivation. Nearly ten million people can send a big show. This is still a red river star and a continent. How much can Lin Xiao enhance his strength if he controls the whole red river star?

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Other sects dare not recruit disciples of immortals so recklessly. Because of the lack of resources in the sects, they raise so many immortals. But what does he care about this?
It’s really hard to be happy when you look at the young immortal Lin Xiao who lined up in an orderly manner to register their information. Come on, come on, join the Great Rodin Road! It’s really good to join the Great Rodin Road Welfare! The Great Rodin Road lacks everything, but now it is short of people! How many years will it take for the great Rodin to work hard to develop nearly ten million immortals by slowly practicing soaring with the younger brothers who are still mortal in the rejuvenation valley of Qiyuan World? Where can you be so carefree by picking cheap?
Although busy, although Lin Xiao is a little tired, Lin Xiao still laughs from ear to ear.
Whenever the immortals in the register collected 10,000 people, they all marched up to Lin Xiao and asked Lin Xiao to tell them a word or two, that is, to make them work hard not to lose the face of rejuvenation hall, and so on. At the same time, Lin Xiao Yuan Shen had already spread several filaments to kill the gods, and the division of the gods cut a filament from these immortals and inhaled it into the quiet glass pagoda, and then sent it to the town god monument standing in the shrine.
The Yuan God has entered the town monument, and these immortal people are always away from the temple spirit to monitor their life and death, and they are also manipulated away from the temple spirit, and they are no longer afraid that they will do anything that harms the interests of the Great Rodin Road.
After more than a month of harassment, Lin Xiao and others finally gasped for breath and sent them all to Cangfeng Mountain. These new immortals will become great Rodin Daodan children and medicine children. The first thing they did was to open a new medicine garden and plant various elixirs. Nearly ten million immortals became great Rodin masters, which made the elders such as Dan Fusheng and Danxia dance with joy, but let the elders in Yuan Zong eat their hearts and order a large number of new masters from Lin Xiao.
Very easy to dispose of these things clearly. Lin Xiao just put the rocking chair in the flagpole at the gate of rejuvenation hall, but before he sat down, a cloud flew up at the right time.
Luo Yiyun’s face was gray, and Yuntou smiled kindly at Lin Xiao. He couldn’t see the embarrassment and embarrassment when he was stripped naked more than a month ago. Behind him stood a group of old people with hair and beard, each with his chest very arrogant. Obviously, they were all senior experts in Evergreen Gate, Yuntou and hundreds of immortals with bash elbows and vertical eyes. They were very aggressive and furious.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Do both
Lin Xiaoyao smiled at these people. His hand was a little flagpole, and suddenly there was a flag. The flag was full of handwriting, and the golden characters in the title line were radiant, even if it was hundreds of miles away, it could be seen clearly.
Luo Yiyun and a group of gray-haired old people were stunned and said, "Is there a solution to the sect problem?"
Lin Xiao walked over and nodded, "That’s right, all kinds of problems of your sects are solved! Well, that is to say, if you have any difficult problems to solve, if Dan medicine can help you, we are all responsible for measuring and building all kinds of Dan medicine, which will definitely make you come on an impulse and enjoy yourself! "
Luo Yiyun picked his eyebrows. An old man behind him has folded and shouted, "Measure and build all kinds of Dan medicine?" What a big breath! You are not afraid of the wind flashing your tongue! "
Lin Xiao doesn’t get angry. What anger can he have in the face of several victims who have stripped themselves of all valuable things?
He chuckled lightly and laughed. "If you don’t believe me, you can forget it. However, if you are interested, please consult with Bai Jile and Huang Fengxian, the main manager outside the door as soon as possible."
Wearing a big red cassock and a bun, it was very coquettish, and white peony flowers were inserted. White Ji Le waddled out of the gate of rejuvenation hall. He smiled cheerfully and bowed his hand at the immortals at Changqing Gate with a smile peculiar to profiteers.
Lin Xiao said lightly again, "If you want to join your door, you can also join it. It is still an old saying that who is the strongest sect in Ziluoxingyu naturally joins his door! In addition, all the conditions are about what you want. If someone naturally cares about you! "
Wearing a glittering robe, the immortal Huang Fengxian swaggered out of the gate with four steps, one step behind the clever Bai Jile. He was also grinning, with their foxes’ unique treachery and cunning!
Several elders of Changqing Gate were just about to say something when a long smile suddenly appeared in the distance. "Is there anyone else besides me, Luolin Valley, the strongest sect in Ziluoxingyu?"
The face of the master of Evergreen Gate has changed greatly. Lin Xiao’s heart is happy and there is a good show!
Changqing Gate, Luolin Valley, Rotary Palace, Sword Gorge, Sword Palace, and Sword Hall are the most powerful six-party forces in Ziluoxingyu, to which Red River Star belongs.
They all have hundreds of thousands and 200,000 accomplished immortals. Compared with Ziluoxingyu, they are simply giants. Ziluoxingyu has inhabited the fairy planet. Although only 50 are barren to the extreme, it is enough for these six sects to dominate here, occasionally play and play the Warring States Games in Lian Heng. Together with these six sects, nearly 100 sects and families, Ziluoxingyu is just as noisy as the celestial star field.
In particular, the three sects of Sword Gorge, Sword Palace and Sword Hall are all pure swords, and they can produce all kinds of materials needed for casting fairy swords with one flying sword in one generation of kung fu. This is the only planet, so these three sects often have a good sword casting material, and conflicts break out. Every year, a large number of disciples are killed and injured, which is even colder than ice. They are all faintly drawn against each other with Evergreen Gate, Luolin Valley and Rotary Palace.
The six sects are competing with each other, but if they have, they have formed three unreliable alliances. This situation is so complicated that it hurts people’s brains. However, Lin Xiao likes to see Changqing Gate and Jianxia make friends. Luo Lingu and Jian Palace are in-laws. Recently, Changqing Gate and Luo Lingu have had a dispute with a small star near Honghe Star, so the elders of Changqing Gate immediately changed their faces when they heard that Luo Lingu people came.
Lin Xiao was so excited that he got up and waved to a cloud in the distance. "Hello, friends from Luolin Valley have come from afar. Welcome, little old man!"
One of the elders in Evergreen Gate has just broken through the pick of Jin Xian. The elder named Luo Gang is Evergreen Gate. There is only one pick of Jin Xian. For these small gates located in the remote small star field, a pick of Jin Xian is a great thing. Therefore, it has also developed Luo Gang’s arrogant temper. Seeing Lin Xiao smiling and welcoming Luo Lingu, Luo Gang suddenly snorted, "Does Lin Xianyou not welcome our evergreen master?" This light hum is like the explosion at Lin Xiao’s ear, and the sound is like the roar of lightning.
Smiling lightly, Lin Xiao didn’t seem to hear Luo Gang’s unhappy cold hum. He nodded and smiled. "People are guests. How can they not be welcome?"
Luo Gang heart fierce a surprised if he looked at Lin Xiao couldn’t help a little nervous, Lin Xiao can bear him a light hum, and if he is not a pick Jin Xianxiu, at least it is also the peak strength of Jin Xian, and the purple Luo Xingyu, the peak level person in Jin Xian, is also a handful. They are the owners of Evergreen Gate, and they haven’t this strength yet! If Lin Xiao really has such a strong power, then Changqing Gate’s plan to seize the rejuvenation hall will have to be changed
Everyone in Changqing Gate looks a little heavy, but Luo Lingu, a fairy, has come down like a cloud. bring up the rear, who just broke through the name of Luo Jinxian less than 100,000 years ago, is called Cai Weisheng, a middle-aged Taoist priest, and his younger brother is just as powerful as Changqing Gate.
The two sides looked at each other at each other for a great while. Luo Gang was speaking and picking EU students to make a dispute and laughed again in the distance. "Two Xianxiong came so fast! The younger brother is still a step late! " There is a Jin Yunfei in the distance, and there are also hundreds of immortals with big sleeves roaring against the wind. At the forefront, the immortal is wearing a nine-dragon robe, with a crown on his head and an odd-shaped sword with a white dragon sheath hanging from his waist. He is sending out a rolling overlord and laughing at the sky. This immortal dressed as an emperor is the name of King Wang Jinlong, the contemporary palace master, but he has just broken through less than 100,000 years to pick Jin Xian!
Evergreen Gate, Luolin Valley, and Rotary Palace all went to Qi Jinlong, Wang Gang and Lin Xiaohan to say a few words, and the immortals of Jianxia, Jiangong and Jiantang all floated in, as if they had an appointment. Generally, the three groups in front of each other were still diffuseness, at least they could keep the immortal out of the dust. However, when these three sword repair sects arrived in the air, they suddenly blew their noses and stared at each other. This atmosphere was wrong, especially when they led three people who were also picking Jin Xian to repair swords and cultivate immortals.
Lin Xiao smiled and said easily, "Come in with me when you become six elders. You disciples are better off staying outside!" Hesitated for a moment, Lin Xiao gently flicked his finger into the void, and he laughed maliciously. "Even if you fight, it wouldn’t have saved you if I hadn’t been stunned on the spot."
One finger pops up the sword gorge, the sword palace, and the sword hall, and the three elders are entangled into a ball. The sword suddenly shattered. At the same time, the three elders snorted and staggered back several feet. They looked at Lin Xiao with a burst of white face and exclaimed, "Are you also a pick Jin Xian?" This voice immediately made Luo Gang and others look extremely ugly. At the same time, the previous step became a six-in-one formation, and Lin Xiao was closely surrounded by them. His eyes were extremely flashing and he looked at Lin Xiao badly.
If Lin Xiao is just a fairy, even if it is the peak of Jin Xian, they can all accept that Lin Xiao represents the rejuvenation hall. The rise of the purple Luo Xingyu is only Jin Xianlin Xiao, which poses no threat to their six sects. However, if Lin Xiao is a pick Jin Xian, their first thought is to jointly kill Lin Xiao, which has not been fully investigated and turned purple. Luo Xingyu absolutely can’t afford the power represented by another pick Jin Xian! In particular, Lin Xiao has recruited nearly 10 million immortals aged between 10 and 100 in the past month. If he is just a Jin Xian or a fairy, it can be said that he wants to find some coolies to grow herbs. But if he is a Luo Jinxian … What does he really want to do? Does he want to rejuvenate the hall to replace the star domain rule of the six sects by himself?
Gently coughed a Lin Xiao leisurely toward six pick Jin Xian arch hand he chuckled "six fairy friends six you don’t worry don’t anger more don’t move to kill heart! What’s good for you except the little old man? But the benefits of having a little old man are endless! "
Glancing at Jian Xia, Jian Gong and Xi Jian Tang, three elders Lin Xiao said gently, "For example, if your master is fighting outside, how many years will it take him to mend his body slowly if his arm is cut off or his thigh is removed?"
Three elders were silent for a while, and the elders of Jianxia said coldly, "Fairy? It will take millions of years! But the door can also refine some Dan medicine by yourself to ~ "
Lin Xiao sneered at a cloud of cold air from his nose. He sneered, "How many years can you shorten the time limit for refining Dan medicine by yourself? Don’t blame the little old man for interrupting Brother Xian. It’s true ~ Don’t brag about your elixir in front of the door! " Pride looked up and Lin Xiao sneered, "The secret magic pill can make a seriously injured immortal recover for thousands of years!" This time, when Lin Xiao learned, he didn’t dare to directly throw out the anti-God elixir like the Three Yang and Seven Tigers gathering elixir when he was in the second door. He was very cautious and said that he could make an immortal who was badly damaged recover the elixir in a thousand years!
Can you recover from such a serious injury as limb deformity in a thousand years? The eyes of the three elders are all green, and at the same time, the previous step plumes of firm but gentle, like silk, like fog, have been drilled from their bodies without mercy and bombarded the other two adversaries. In the roar of gold and iron, the three people just stepped forward a few steps, and at the same time they retreated dozens of feet.
Sighing with a sigh, Lin Xiao shook his head. "It seems that it is impossible for six people to work together to take the little old son."
Palm back to the gate of Chuntang led Lin Xiao to laugh. "In that case, six elders, please come in! Please! Please! Please! "
Six elders, including Luo Gang, looked at each other, especially the three swords slender old Nai confessed that his disciples should be careful to guard outside the door, and they should not be arbitrarily born afterwards. Then they walked into the gate of rejuvenation hall with their hands behind their backs, their heads held high, and they closed a strong ban behind them, sealing off the outside world. These immortals and immortals explored whether it was the peak of immortals or Jin Xian. As soon as they released their immortals and approached rejuvenation hall, they were immediately played backwards and returned to all parties. Immortals and Nai could cross their legs and sit one by one looking up at the sky floating across the white clouds outside the hall.
Just as the six elders entered the gate of rejuvenation hall, Lin Xiao suddenly changed his face. He turned around and smiled at the six elders. The six elders could detect a little danger from Lin Xiao’s smile. They almost made three moves at the same time. Zhang Xu’s sword light filed into Lin Xiao’s body, and three palms thundered out, hitting Lin Xiao’s body. The sword light smashed Lin Xiao’s palm, and the thunder kept flowing, but it hurt him. A huge nine-wind silver took a strong wind from the six elders’ heads. Ao Xue slowly walked out of the dark corner behind the door holding the huge nine-wind silver block with a diameter of several feet. "It’s too highly of me to take care of them myself when I take the first step of six pick Jin Xian!"
Lin Xiao squatted beside six unlucky elders and said with a smile, "I want to plan them as naturally as possible. Do you still want to move tens of thousands of bullies to besiege them and spend days and nights polishing their physical strength before capturing them?" Where there is so much effort! " Six elders in the right hand patted Lin Xiao on the forehead and forced them to draw out a trace of Yuan God and inhale Qi Yuan World, and they also won the bid for the town monument.
With a bulging Aoxue carrying a jar to quench the immortal sword, the chilling spring water came along and poured the cracks in the common fairy wares over six unconscious elders and six people’s bodies with a tingle. Just as they got up from the ground, their Yuan God received a message from the town monument. Immediately, they were silly. Lin Xiao ourtenant looked at six people with his hands behind his back for a long time. Six people were very single and knelt down and bowed down to Lin Xiao repeatedly. "I have seen the Lord! From now on, I will be obedient. "
AoXue ShiRan walked beside Lin Xiao must be very affectionate. She put her arms around Lin Xiao’s arm with a charming smile. "You are also lucky, aunt. I’ll knock your sap personally. You should feel honored! Hehehehehehehehehe ~ I’ll tell you that your Lord is also a real immortal! "
Two immortals? Well, Luo Gang, Cai Weisheng and Jinlong Wang looked at each other dejectedly and gave Lin Xiao a deep ceremony, and then a bright smile emerged from the faces of these six elders. What is the concept of two immortals sitting in the seat? The number of immortals in the celestial world is absolutely not more than 10,000. There are millions of known inhabited star fields in the celestial world, which means that hundreds of star fields can share a fairy! There are less than two thousand immortals in his millions of star fields! Purple Luo Xingyu surrounding more than 100, 000 star domains, the top player is a pick Jin Xian!
There are two immortals in the rejuvenation hall, which is almost able to unify the potential of the surrounding star fields of Ziluoxingyu! The six elders laughed silly, and just a little resentment disappeared in their hearts. They have been sincerely serving Lin Xiao and Ao Xue! They firmly believe that two fairies will lead them forward, and the future of their six sects is even brighter than that of the six of them alone. If the two fairies can give them a little essence of the road, even if they sell their whole master to Lin Xiao, it will be worthwhile! I don’t want to think that it’s so difficult for them to find a master to listen to the scriptures.
A quarter of an hour later, the gate of the rejuvenation hall was opened, and Lin Xiao, Ao Xue and six elders slowly walked out of the rejuvenation hall to announce to the six sects outside-from today, the most powerful sect in Ziluoxingyu, Ziluomeng, was formally established, including the newly emerged Ziluomeng leader of the original six sects. The leader of the Ziluomeng will be selected from the seven sects in turn and replaced every 100,000 years. The first leader is Luo Gang, the elder of Changqing Gate!
This news is like a muffled thunder. Thousands of six sects are not allowed to go to Luo Gang, but the first leader of Ziluomeng announced to all the disciples that all the disciples in Ziluomeng today can buy all kinds of pills at the rejuvenation hall! Whether it’s healing, increasing cultivation, helping to clean up cultivation, or expelling all kinds of evil drugs, you can always buy it at a price with the identity token of Ziluo League Brother!