Zhao Tingnuo is not stupid and naturally understands the deep meaning in her husband’s words.

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She nodded slightly with tears in her eyes, and her eyes were full of fortitude. "Husband, I will see you in the afterlife."
After saying her word, she lifted the infant girl high and at the same time urged Dantian to burst into tears!
Obviously, Zhao Tingnuo doesn’t want her and her daughter to become Todd, and she doesn’t want her husband to be threatened by the devil, and she wants to die of evil spirits and malice.
It can be seen that this has always been gentle and virtuous, and there is also a side that does not let the gentleman be strong!
At this moment, Todd has a sad smile and tears.
Zhao Chengwen brothers have been frightened to disgrace and shouted "Mother can’t ~!"
At the same time, they knelt down and pounced on the baby girl who was about to be born.
But the weird thing is that Zhuojia’s dead guards around didn’t stop it from happening!
And when Zhao Tingnuo, who saw the baby girl about to fall to the ground, also died.
Suddenly, a force unexpectedly lifted the baby one inch away from the ground in front of the Dow brothers, and then a wisp of black seal pointed to Zhao Tingnuo’s disordered abdomen!
Suddenly, the abdomen returned to calm, and the dark shadows have risen from the ground like ghosts.
The person who appeared was the four great deities, Yi Ying, the patriarch of Guyingzong.
Seeing that his daughter has fallen into the arms of Ying’s family, Todd’s despair failed to blow himself up, and Zhao Tingna was also heartbroken.
At this moment, the magic shadow of Mohling Lord has been displayed by Todd and now appears in the two of them.
He looked around and clapped his hands as if they saw a wonderful performance. "This is your own daughter and your only child from Dow! You ….. You don’t like it? It’s wonderful ~ "
Todd glared at the magic shadow with hatred on his face. "Ah ~ devil! Put away your hypocritical ugly face. You imprisoned my wife and daughter because they wanted to coerce me into giving up resistance so that they could be completely swallowed up by you. "
With that, he looked bleak and smiled, but he sat down to cry. Zhao Tingnuo "Oh ~ I am Todd who killed my father and killed my teacher. I have long been as hard as stone. How can I be tired of being immersed in love?" Ha ha ha … "
"Good … very good!" The Lord Mo Ling swept Todd’s eyes in front of him and grinned like a blood basin. "Let’s just say that Saint is the most kind to you."
He pointed to the crying baby girl in Ying Shi’s arms. "Since your biological father doesn’t want her sacred?"
"You …!" Todd laughed hysterically and stopped staring at him with anger.
This time, the Mohling Lord laughed and looked at Todd. "Todd, come on, let’s give our daughter a name. You know … this is the greatest gift that the holy power can give you …"
Todd looked at the shadow’s arms, and that was watching his big-eyed daughter blink and smile "OK … OK, I’ll take it …"
Sadly, for a moment, his eyes were full of tenderness. "May … the Milky Way give you tenderness and tranquility, and don’t worry, don’t be quiet!" "
When this statement came out, the baby girl giggled sweetly.
Todd burst into tears and laughed at the sight.
Don’t wait for Todd to laugh in tears for a moment. The Lord of Mo Ling has roared into the body with a magic shadow.
Sudden Todd’s face showed pain and struggle, but he still looked at his young daughter "Don’t worry … Don’t be quiet …"
But for a moment, he became a jade barrier again and stood proudly with an evil smile, looking at the baby in his arms.
He laughed and whispered, "Since then, she … oh ~ it should be the Milky Way, your brother, and your noble daughter who walks in the fire world for Saint. Go."
With a wave of his hand, he laughed for nine days.
"By the divine command of our Lord"
Shadow’s unexpectedly held the baby girl and went straight to the triangle gate leading to the fire star.
Now TaoChengWen TaoChengWu brothers is ChiZhi also already see the clue …
However, seeing his mother’s grief, he made a decision after they looked at each other.
See two people to the devil incarnate jade barrier unexpectedly bowed down and said, "Master Xinghe Xiao Zhu is young, please allow my brother and mother to go together or have a care."
Jade barrier evil smile and see two people that constantly beating eyes faint way "is loyal to go"
They exulted in their hearts and naturally understood the situation.
Now that his master has been made by this devil, it is doubtful that his mistress will stay here.
Besides, the young master was taken as a brother by the evil ghost and taken to another plane … How can he get along well when he becomes an adult? This kind of separation of flesh and blood, vicious and extremely cruel, is just as painful as the knife’s constant scales …
But how can conscientious parents see their children become evil?
So it’s better to try and see if we can go to that fire star together, and maybe we can stop calling the little master near the ink.
But how can the Lord Mohling not see their shallow thoughts?
At this time, unlike the Taoists, Zhao Tingnuo naturally knew that this seemingly generous devil would never ask her to go with him.
Desperate, she sat still and looked at the cliff with tears in her eyes. "You go and guard your husband’s bones and blood."
Obviously, this means telling them that if I go, I’m afraid I won’t be able to go, and I can rely on your two brothers to teach good.
Tao Chengwen is still clever and has understood the meaning of his mistress.
When I saw my second brother, I had to persuade him to salute, saying, "My mistress has gone to accompany my master."
Soon Tao Chengwen took Tao Chengwu and disappeared to the cliff.
At the moment, the jade barrier is proudly standing, and it seems that "madam is different?"
Zhao Tingnuo is still sitting on the stone platform, and the broken column base seems to be trapped in the rare memories of the past, staring at the cliff. "Although the fate is a flash in the pan, it is always a good marriage for Ting Nuo to meet her husband in this life … the origin is doomed."
Said her eyes cold and jade barrier "until that day, my husband always needs a kiss … to bury."