Spider O and others are looking at Taichong couple’s far back. No one expected that Ding Minjun would sneak attack secretly, but Li Zhichang Shenxing Machine Circular Qi Induction could not plot against him even if the extinct teacher came in person.

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网约茶品茶工作室 Spider O and others are looking at Taichong couple’s far back. No one expected that Ding Minjun would sneak attack secretly, but Li Zhichang Shenxing Machine Circular Qi Induction could not plot against him even if the extinct teacher came in person.

Li Zhichang sneered at the same palm to meet Ding Minjun’s sword attack. Ding Minjun’s sword broke inch by inch, and his right wrist was broken and hit more than ten feet away. Ding Minjun saw Li Zhichang limping so badly that he didn’t dare to go back and escape in the distance.
Li Zhichang threw out Wu Qingying coldly, "You go and don’t bother me again." It is always possible to share the incense with each other. Li Zhichang is too lazy to kill him. If the other party wants to come over and make trouble, he will be welcome.
Seeing that the enemy has retreated, the spider proudly said, "Ah, I didn’t expect Li Zhichang to be a big player. I really can’t see it."
Li Zhichang suddenly interrupted a smile and quipped, "It’s tiger falling Pingyang being bullied by dogs. If these people were worthy to provoke me in the past."
A spider said, "Oh, look, you were a great man before. It’s very important, but how come I’ve never heard of your name?"
Li Zhichang said lightly, "It’s not too great. How big is Wudang Mountain and Zhang Sanfeng? I probably have how big it is."
Zhang Ji said, "Li Dage Zhang Zhenren is lucky. His six brothers are also rare masters in Wulin. It’s not very good for you to call Zhang Zhen by his first name." But it’s not surprising that Li Zhichang’s martial arts is so high that Zhang Ji is not surprised to get along with Li Zhichang these days. It’s obviously better than his adoptive father Xie Xun to show his martial arts views.
Li Zhichang knew that Zhang Ji was a disciple of Zhang Sanfeng, and he knew that he had just compared Zhang Sanfeng with himself, which probably made him unhappy. He was too lazy to say that Zhang Sanfeng might not have been born when he was wandering the rivers and lakes. Of course, the world was inherited from his original world.
Li Zhichang smiled faintly. "Let’s forget the past. We don’t have to stay here all the time. After all, it’s not a faa spider. You held me next to that cedar tree over there."
A spider asked, "What are you doing?"
Li Zhichang said, "It’s nothing. That cedar man should do something small."
Spider O will be interesting to see what Li Zhichang sells. He carried Li Zhichang to Cedar one foot away. Li Zhichang suddenly pulled out his sword, moonlight, a white sword light and an ineffable artistic conception.
I don’t know how many years this big cedar has grown, so I gave Li Zhichang a sword to cut it off.
A Spider has seen such a magical swordsmanship. "If he is not injured, with such swordsmanship, where can he go? If I have such martial arts, I am not afraid of my heartless father."
Li Zhichang then asked A Spider to make this cedar into large and small pieces by using a stump palm knife. He couldn’t see the action route of his hands clearly after the rapid moonlight.
Li Zhichang’s hands were like smoke, and soon there were piles of large and small pieces beside him. Four wooden crutches were obviously for Zhang Ji and himself.
Li Zhichang’s skillful hands made him piece together a wheelchair and didn’t sew a wooden nail everywhere, which was simply wonderful.
However, this wooden wheelchair is too simple without carving, and at the same time it is extraordinary in the ordinary, which looks like nature itself.
A spider wonders, "I didn’t expect you to be a carpenter."
Li Zhichang tried it in a wheelchair and there was no problem. "This can be regarded as a little free to come and go. It’s been hard for you for a few months, man!"
The spider said, "It’s a big inconvenience for you to move these two rounds in this snow."
Li Zhichang noncommittally gently turned the knob on the right hand side, and the machine enclosed the wheelchair. Suddenly, two sledges appeared at the bottom of an inch. At the same time, two crutches popped up at the back of the wheelchair. Li Zhichang’s specialty slipped into the snow with a gentle touch and quickly went to the woodpile and came to Zhang Ji’s side
At this time, the moonlight was cold and Li Zhichang was in a wheelchair. At the same time, the spider followed him and threw Li Zhichang as a crutch for Zhang Ji. "Ugly blame you for trying."
After Zhang Ji left Wudang Mountain, others didn’t want to hurt him secretly, but wanted to force him to confide in his adoptive father. Only Li Zhichang and A Spider didn’t value his identity and didn’t ask him about it. They were secretly moved by him and were speechless at the moment.
At this time in the distance, a girl with a green shirt came to Ding Minjun, and Ding Minjun pointed a few words at Li Zhichang. Then the girl with a green shirt moved her toes and gently touched the snow, and she drifted over a distance of more than ten feet to Li Zhichang before them.
The girl Sven said, "This elder brother hurt my senior sister somehow."
Girl tenshi national color but Li Zhichang did not move is flatly said, "your teacher elder sister is the old woman? So you are also an Emei Sect? "
The girl primly said, "My elder sister’s name is Ding Minjun and my younger daughter Zhou Zhiruo are both exterminators of Emei Sect. I don’t know what the pavilion is called?"
Li Zhichang youyou said, "White, white, black, jade and jade rings are full of good celebrities, and they are also very beautiful and worthy of the word" Zhiruo ".Without waiting for Zhou Zhiruo’s reply, he then asked," I wonder if you Emei Sect was created by people? "
When a young girl saw each other, she casually quoted a passage from Column to explain her name. She is not a person who is usually beaten and killed in Jianghu. However, the Emei Sect is famous in the Wulin. Even when Wudang Zhang Zhenren was young, she was indebted to the founder of Emei Sect. Therefore, wu-tang clan has always been respectful to Emei Sect, but Li Zhichang was surprised that she didn’t know the origin of Emei Sect.
She is modest and polite. Since Li Zhichang asked, she patiently explained, "I am the founder of Emei Sect, and naturally I am the Yellow Woman of Huang Rong." Huang Rong’s daughter can actually create such a great career in Wulin, even a century-old Wulin middleman relishes it.
Li Zhichang heard that the founder of Emei School was actually Huang Rongrao, and he was prepared in his heart and knew that the world was probably the same strain as when he first came to the times. He said, "Is this Huang Nvxia still healthy now?"
The girl said, "Huang Nvxia has known this for 60 years. Will the court issue this question?"
Li Zhichang long sigh a way "people have ups and downs, rain or shine, round or wane. It’s so hard that you are her. I don’t know how much you have learned about Emei martial arts."
Li Zhichang pulled out a crutch towards Zhou Zhiruo’s chest, and Zhou Zhiruo’s face turned red. This person’s good physiology hurriedly went out of Emei to send cotton palms, and the crutches were gently separated. Which one knew that the crutches were on her chest? She felt that her waist was cold and strong, and she fell back hurriedly, but the other crutches were like bones and maggots had been following her.
She didn’t get rid of each other for several sets of Emei palm techniques in a row. She was cruel and didn’t care if Ding Minjun would see the orchid-shaped hand in the distance, like the spring breeze blowing over the point to the big hole in Li Zhichang’s chest
She is a very deep acupuncturist, and she will never be one of the 72 stunts of Shaolin Temple. If she is not talented enough to surprise and delight the extinct master, she would not have given her this set of martial arts at this age.
She knows that Ding Minjun, her senior sister, is jealous. The martial arts extinction teacher has never given Ding Minjun this martial arts. If she shows this martial arts, she still doesn’t know how to hold a grudge. This time, she can’t help but come up with this set of immature orchids and expect to make achievements with one blow.
Zhou Zhiruo suddenly came out of the orchid and brushed the acupuncture point. The other party really didn’t expect that she would be so wonderful in martial arts. Sandy’s jade finger was about to brush the other side’s acupuncture point, but it backfired. A long sigh rang in her ear before she could wait for the other side to sigh. Zhou Zhiruo felt that her left leg fell on the rabbit acupuncture point and Fengshi acupuncture point, and she couldn’t get a bit of strength. This finger couldn’t go to her back channel. I don’t know how it would be tossed back to the other side’s hand. It was said in the door that the elder sister Ji Xiaofu was caught by Yang Xiao, a demon teacher
Chapter VII Respectively
She looked up and wanted to show her fierce eyes that she would rather die than surrender, but when she looked up, she bumped into each other’s eyes, which were deep as clear springs. The depths of her eyes suddenly showed a sad look. Li Zhichang sighed, "It was indeed the Peach Blossom Island Kung Fu that was really suspicious."
If it weren’t for testing each other’s martial arts, it’s common for Li Zhi, even if the extinct teacher came in person, Zhou Zhiruo in Li Zhichang’s eyes would be qualified to play against Li Zhichang.
Then Li Zhichang waved his finger gently, and it was exactly the same as Zhou Zhiruo’s. The moves were more authentic than orchids brushing acupoints, and Li Zhichang’s martial arts were superb. It was through touching Zhou Zhiruo’s skin with a gentle finger wind that Zhou Zhiruo acupoints were solved.
Zhou Zhiruo’s breath is smooth again, and her face is still flat with horror. She gently said, "How can the pavilion also have orchid acupoints? Can you and our Emei Sect have it?" Orchid acupoints are one of the 72 stunts of Shaolin Temple, which she never practiced secretly in Emei. Just now, Li Zhichang gave her finger every other time, and it was the orchid acupoints that achieved great success.
Before, her master, the exterminator, showed her the skill of acupoints, but it was far less understated than Li Zhichang’s without any fireworks.
Zhou Zhiruo doesn’t know whether Li Zhichang is a young man with high martial arts as if he were still a teacher.
Li Zhichang is too lazy to explain that since Zhou Zhiruo is Huang Rongren, he doesn’t intend to make it difficult for her. "Even if you say it, it’s not white."
Zhou Zhiruo also wants to ask each other again, and a soft palm gently pushes her out. She knows that the other party’s palm sends her away because she doesn’t want to talk to herself any more. Moreover, Li Zhichang’s unpredictable temperament and high martial arts skills in her eyes will annoy each other if she continues to ask questions. She and the teacher elder sister Ding Minjun will be planted here today.
Ding Minjun held Zhou Zhiruo in one hand and said, "Are you all right, school sister?" She was outraged by Li Zhichang’s broken wrist. She was surprised and afraid of Li Zhichang, but she knew that the other party’s legs were injured, so she went to the distance to let Zhou Zhiruo test it again. At the moment, she saw that Zhou Zhiruo could return the door of "orchid stroke hand" with each other after a few moves. Her master refused to give her kung fu. Her heart was really ill and hated, and she pretended to look cut.
As soon as she held Zhou Zhiruo, she found that Zhou Zhiruo’s body and breath were scattered and she didn’t have half the strength to look at it. She was extremely sad, but she didn’t show her face. "School sister, let’s go."
Zhou Zhiruo and Ding Minjun helped each other and naturally fell into Li Zhichang’s eyes. Li Zhichang andao "This girl is so thoughtful." He has just noticed that Zhou Zhiruo is taking a ride, which is several times worse than he and Zhang Ji’s nine-sun magic, but it is much better than his true teaching and very authentic. He is heartbroken when he comes. How can that palm hurt her must be pretending?
Li Zhichang also guessed that Zhou Zhiruo’s mind was not that Ding Minjun, his teacher elder sister, was seriously injured. If she was unscathed, she would certainly annoy her teacher elder sister.
Li Zhichang knows that the Emei Sect’s achievement in the original book is the Emei Jiuyang Achievement, but it is from Zhang Ji’s practice of Jiuyang Zhenjing. It is this world that Emei Sect was founded by Huang Rong, which should be different from what he read. If it is Peach Blossom Island and Hong Qigong’s thought, Li Zhichang can naturally judge Zhou Zhiruo’s achievement method, but Zhou Zhiruo has never seen Li Zhichang’s achievement method, which really makes him confused. It’s a pity that he didn’t touch Zhou Zhiruo’s body just now, otherwise he will be able to infer some achievement routes of the Emei Sect after detecting each other’s interest, and maybe he can find out the source
Huang Yaoshi and Hong Qigong are gifted and talented, so the martial arts can be achieved to the extreme by the general skill method. Therefore, several elder brothers in Huang Yaoshi are far less able to determine the limit of a person’s achievement than those in the Five Wonders Wulin.
Zhou Zhiruo’s mind is quite heavy, but Li Zhichang’s eyes are really chosen to work so hard, and it is expected to reach Li Zhichang’s 20-year-old level before he is forty.
When Li Zhichang was 20 years old, he was close to the five-line level. His evaluation of Zhou Zhiruo was not high. It was Zhou Zhiruo, who is now in the prime of his life. It is difficult to attract bees and butterflies because of his beauty. If he can’t see through this’ love’, he is addicted to men and women. This prime-time martial arts marriage between the ages of 17 and 30 hurts his vitality. I am afraid that his achievements in the future will be limited. This is also because there are few martial arts masters among women since ancient times.