"If we pay enough, can we exchange some Yin gods for’ temporary’ staying in the underworld?"

佛山桑拿论坛,佛山品茶网,佛山夜生活喝茶,佛山飞机网桑拿会所 "If we pay enough, can we exchange some Yin gods for’ temporary’ staying in the underworld?"

"By that time, will the’ boundary’ between life and death really be returned?"
Think of this water demon seems to have figured out what face also bloomed a ray of faint smile.
"There seems to be no qualitative difference between living in hell and living in the sun for a big demon like us?"
Chapter 33 The Fourth Judge of Hell
When Pei Wende lit the incense in his hand and cast a spell to insert it into the furnace tripod, the bridge to communicate with the underworld was finally opened
"The evil spirits enforce the law and avoid retreating!"
"Often the world is robbed and destroyed!"
The spiritual sound seems to come from vain and seems to ring in everyone’s ear.
Asura king, who was the first to realize the crisis, could look up at the three huge incense burning above his head.
I saw that there were two figures, one black and one white, coming out of the void and entering the world from far and near.
The white shadow is tall and thin, pale but smiling. An official hat says "making money at first sight"
The black shadow is broad and fat, with a fierce face and solemn expression, and the official hat with the words "Tiantaiping" written on it is sad.
It was Pei Wende, an old acquaintance, who came to us-Black Chang Fan blames White Chang Xie Bi ‘an.
"I have seen two venerable persons"
Just like every meeting, Pei Wende’s attitude remains humble and has not changed at all because of his strength.
Regardless of their constant strength in black and white, it is admirable for them to stick to their posts and receive the dead for hundreds of years.
"A day’s sight is like Sanqiu."
"I haven’t seen it for a few years, and I still do it."
Bai Chang always smiles and treats Pei Wende as gently as ever.
Although Hei Chang is still vicious, he is not so targeted this time.
It can be said that Pei Wende’s previous story of crossing the river with the Dragon Goddess Bodhisattva completely refreshed Hei Chang’s inherent impression of his "unruly".
"I’ll have to bother the two venerable gentlemen again this time."
Pei Wende knew that if he didn’t come this time, it wouldn’t be black and white.
It seems that a wonderful tacit understanding has been formed among some fixed groups of Yin.
Everything involving Pei Wende is the responsibility of the black and white brothers.
Pei Wende has no doubt that if he really wants to assume the responsibility of the fourth largest judge after his death, then the black and white brothers will probably be their deputies and direct subordinates
"crossing over the merits of ghosts and gods"
"Excessive modesty is unpleasant."
After a few simple words, Pei Wende often stops talking and skillfully pulls out chains and shackles.
White chains have black chains.
When these two artifacts symbolizing "the power of hell" rapidly changed into asura king, asura king’s huge body suddenly fell to the ground.
With the collapse of the behemoth, a faint and almost transparent figure was restrained by black and white.
The figure has a humanoid posture, but its characteristics are more similar to those of a beast.
Beast-like appearance, beast-like pupils, beast-like minions …
Except for that slightly graceful posture, which reveals the female identity, you can see the similarity between human beings and women from other aspects.
Because she was born in the mountains, the mountain ghost was once cared for by the earth.
Wait for a while stared at the ethereal figure and the red leopard recognized Shan Gui’s identity at a glance.
After the red leopard woke up, others also realized the identity of the detained figure.
Is also before all huanguo to god from the surprise Shan Gui only fine spirit raised his head to look at the Fang Chibao them.
"Life and death are separated from Yin and Yang"
"The fate of this life will continue in the afterlife."
Light and heavy, slow and urgent, kind and fierce …
Black and white often also noticed Shan Gui eyes rare comfort way
This is the first time Pei Wende has seen each other with such feelings.
"The two venerable ones rest assured that my daughter knows that she is sinful and won’t expect anything more …"
To the surprise of the place, some people expected that Shan Gui had only the soul left, and even this complete consciousness and self could clearly respond to black and white, which was often a comfort.
"It’s my poor child. I hope you don’t hate your mother."
"Mother really loves you, and it has all its grievances and enmities."
Shan Gui said that he had avenged himself on the fact that he hated Wen Wei and made him bear the fate of "killing his mother and killing his father"
"Mom …"
An awkward and open mouth, the red leopard failed to tell the news that Wen raccoon was dead after all.
The civet and the red leopard are one, and the red leopard is still alive on both sides, so the civet is not completely dead.
Let Shan Gui stay in the underworld with regrets and regrets, and her personality is gentler. The Red Leopard chose to let her regret and reincarnate.