Wang Xuan sink a way: "Eye competition is patience and determination. There must be something wrong in that mountain. Don’t rush to attack the mountain before you find out clearly. Have you ever caught anyone alive these two days?"
"I caught a few."
Tu Sunai said, "It’s a pity that you’re either crazy or raving, or you’ve never been to the mountain temple with that evil xiu Hu Sanlang, and you don’t know that the dark side has a dark hand."
At this moment, Huang Yuan, the old demon, suddenly raised his eyelids slightly and said, "There is a method for adults to be old."
Wang Xuan is interested in "Huang Lao please speak"
Huang Yuan smiled. "To say that the various forces in the Kanyuan Mountains are incompatible with each other is a life-and-death fight, but there is a geek who is very popular."
"This monster’s name is Zhu Yuding, but it’s a statue of a pig monster, and it’s incarnated. It’s good at cooking, proficient in wine making, obsessed with cooking, and traveling around to hold banquets."
"The old demon in the mountain often invites him into the cave to make a banquet to satisfy his craving, and he will give him a big gift before he leaves, so Zhu Yuding has a very comfortable life even if he is not good at fighting."
Zhang Hengle "and this kind of miracle? But the black-faced "xianggong" is an evil god. Does he also have an appetite? "
Huang Yuanfu must smile. "This Zhu Yuding will brew wine for offering sacrifices to the gods. Even the dark-faced xianggong can’t resist the temptation."
"Would you sacrifice wine to God?"
Cen Xuzhou was taken aback. "Smelling this wine is the ancient law of the Seventeen Kingdoms. At that time, the evil spirits were prostrated everywhere. This wine can cleanse the soul. It is a pity that it will be brewed at every festival."
Huang Yuan nodded, "This Zhu Yuding body was the one that offered sacrifices to the old man of Jiuding at that time, and he was willing to be a lobbyist."
Wang Xuanyi praised, "It is a blessing that our army has Huang Lao’s help, so please."
Huang Yuan shook his head. "You’re welcome, my Lord, but it will take some time to find this strange old man."
Wang Xuan sink a way "hinder this matter to huang Lao didn’t find out the ins and outs, we won’t attack the mountain".
Then he took the film out of his arms. "One more thing, do you recognize this thing?"
After a day, the film has not yet dried up, and everyone looks puzzled after looking at it one by one.
"This thing … like a fetal membrane?"
Yang Lao tou frowned after reading it for a long time. "Where do adults come from?"
Wang Xuan also made no secret of telling the story of the origin of the fierce corpse membranes one by one, and they were amazed.
Wang Xuan sink a way, "It is likely to flow out along the ancient battlefield vein, and the old demon will try his best to enter it. If it is really valuable, it will be poor in the future."
"We divided our troops into two ways, and Huang Lao went to find the Zhu Yuding Tusu brother and stayed in the camp to attract the attention of the black-faced" xianggong ".Mr. Cen, I went to the ancient battlefield to find out."
"There are many mysteries here. Find out why and then make plans."
"It’s an adult!"
It was still raining the next day.
Huang Yuan took the black-haired wolf demon and made a detour from the military camp before dawn, heading for the mountains farther north.
While Wang Xuan cen virtual boat came to the ancient battlefield …
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Battlefield blood Qiu disorderly surprised tour day army.
The sky is gloomy and blood clouds are rolling.
Xuancen, the king of the mountain, looked somberly in the empty boat.
A strange sight appeared in the ancient battlefield.
At this time, it was rainy and rainy, and the bloody spiral evil clouds in the ancient battlefield slowly rotated, which repelled the clouds all over the sky
It looks like a bloody eye was born.
It’s raining and foggy outside, but the yellow sand is long and dry all over the Gobi. The jagged rocks are like evil beasts, and soon they change their positions.
"Wang Daren must be careful!"
Cen Xu Zhou Shen said, "This place is dangerous and unique, but if the pattern of golden plates and dragons is changed, it will rise properly, and the spirit rain will spread the spirit grass everywhere like a fairyland."
"But now the ancient battlefield has become a fierce place, and there is an array hidden in the middle, and the old man is injured at the moment."
"Old man, look at the gas formula again and avoid probing. My Lord asked me to protect him."
Say pinch method tactic binocular light flashing to avoid blood clouds to explore the battlefield.
Cen Xu Zhou deliberately didn’t look at the blood cloud, but looked at the Gobi Desert, but he was surprised after just looking at it for a few times.
Wang Xuan hit "Candle dragon Eye" in his heart.
He brought Cen Xuzhou because he was well informed, good at distinguishing the terrain and pattern, and he was easy to escape if there was an accident.
But when it comes to looking at yourself, this magical power is even at the same level as "Looking at the Symbol of Heavy Buildings" and can be seen more clearly than "Looking for Dragons and Looking at the Tactics" by Diyuanmen.
The ancient battlefield in Candle dragon is another scene.
The surrounding mountains swell up like a huge ring around the ancient battlefield, which also fits the Tenglong pattern, said Sheng Lu Jin Pan.