Diana came to talk to Hang Yu just to find out the truth.


I didn’t expect Hang Yu to guess her idea before she hinted, and made a definite promise directly.
Great. If new york Lingjian Bureau can have a town, it will develop soon. After all, they are not worse than black dragon.
Luke, Chris and Diana all have this confidence.
After all, they belong to state-owned organizations, with their backs to big trees to enjoy the cool. If they were on their own turf, Lingjian Bureau would not have to look back and worry, so they could rest assured that they would spend a lot of resources to come in.
In the final analysis, black dragon is still a bit private.
Zhao ran over and said, "People are almost here."
Hang Yu nodded. "Well, let everyone come over. I’m going to mystery shop."
Fifteen days of cooling has ended.
Mystery shop is on again.
Hang Yu personally carries more than 20 thousand white crystals.
It’s not that he can’t raise more spar, but there are many places to ask for money at present, whether it’s black dragon or Qinglong Group, it’s enough for him to have this spar.
Not much nonsense.
Hang Yu after a look.
Choose three third-order skill stones first.
Disease Shadow Warrior Skill "Disease Shadow Shock Wave" 5 White SPAR
Disease Shadow Warrior Skill "Disease Shadow Instant Kill" 45 White SPAR
Iron Blood Instructor Skill "Overlord Body Armor" 45 White spar
Then choose a first-order skill stone.
Scintillation mage skill "transfer" 1 white spar
Hang Yu already has the core skill of the Shadow Warrior "Eye of the Shadow"
At this time, he needs to build two more auxiliary skills to activate Cheng.
There are altogether six skills of the Shadow Warrior, except for the Shadow Eye, which have the dance steps of high wind and quarrelling, shock wave and shadow, instant killing and shadow.
Fighting skills repel each other and cool together.
Learning one more lesson is too rough and very tasteless.
Hang Yu has mastered the violent Lord’s violent quarrelling, so there is no need to learn the skill of quarrelling. Therefore, he first ruled out the skill of raging quarrelling. However, Hang Yu lacks the skill of firm but gentle, which is an extreme and very good medium-range attack method when cooling.
Xu Tianhua has a third-order skill to shatter the firm but gentle.
Breaking firm but gentle is the strongest skill of its kind.
After all, the sword master’s skill is shattered.
Hang Yu’s shock wave will be much less powerful, but a tactical supplement is a very good choice.
The sudden killing of the disease shadow is an advanced rapid attack, which is quite multiple and continuous. The offensive is very strong, and it can enhance the strength more than wind walk’s advanced "disease shadow dance". Moreover, there is no such choice made by the mysterious businessman here.
Yu Tiexue instructor’s skill "body armor" is a state skill that can enhance defense and strength. It is very real in the process of fighting. Since I saw it, I bought it by the way.
Transfer is a skill inherited by flashing mage.
Hang Yu already has flicker and perception.
In other words, he will soon be able to get all the clothes to wear.
Hang Yu’s strength will go up a storey still higher after four skill stones are obtained.
Only by the innate advantage of crazy krypton proficiency can we do it.
Hang Yu thought to himself that the mysterious businessman’s help to himself seems to be becoming more and more limited.
Can he buy third-order skills or auxiliary skills at most? The main skills rarely appear. If I want to become stronger and master a higher level of bearing capacity, I have to rely on my own efforts to find them!